Ninja Terminator


Say hello to 2018, Mondo-style, as we celebrate the NINJA NEW YEAR by featuring a month’s-worth of hilariously messy martial arts flicks that will really give you a kick!

“When the last three ninjas fight, only one will survive!” From legendary bad movie maestro Godfrey Ho (Robo Vampire, and roughly 800 other films) comes the brilliantly incoherent, gleefully bonkers martial arts non-masterpiece, Ninja Terminator, which, despite the title, does NOT involve a Ninja robot from the future telling everyone, “I’ll be back.” But that’s about the ONLY thing not included in this smorgasbord of insanity.

“This has everything you want in a ninja flick, and it’s great, messy fun.” – Goon Reviews

Well known for his distinctive (and highly thrifty) filmmaking style, which involved jamming two older films together, adding some new footage, slapping on a catchy title, and then hoping for the best, Godfrey Ho reached new heights of entertaining absurdity with the big old mess that is Ninja Terminator. Here, the “A movie” involves hunky blonde American action star Richard Harrison (Secret Agent Fireball), as Ninja Master Harry, dressed in a camouflage ninja suit fighting other ninjas. Meanwhile, the “B movie” (which comprises the majority of the film) is from an unreleased Asian martial arts flick in which members of a ninja empire fight over three individual pieces of a sculpture called “The Golden Ninja,” which, when combined, makes the owner’s arms impervious to blades. We then follow the badly-dubbed adventures of a ninja named Jaguar as he fights a bunch of people with his feet and eventually meets up with Ninja Master Harry for a showdown. But really, it’s anyone’s guess as to what’s actually happening, so just go with it – it’s the shoddy editing, horrible dubbing and overall wackiness that make this film such hilariously great fun. Just add some music cues ”borrowed” from Star Wars and a scene-stealing Garfield phone, and you’re good to go! (Dir. by Godfrey Ho, 1985, Hong Kong, badly dubbed in English, 88 mins., Not Rated)

Mondo Mondays RAFFLE 2018

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