No Man’s Land Film Festival

*PLEASE NOTE: we cannot accept passes for this screening

Starting at 6:00pm we’ll have Sierra Nevada Resilience IPA, $3.50 on the patio and the Substance Diner food truck will be on site.

Get inspired by adventure! No Man’s Land Film Festival celebrates the grit, spirit, and unique experience of women adventurers.

CASA is thrilled to bring this radical festival to YOU for its second year in Tucson. Watch vast landscapes, daring action, and all-female athletes pushing their limits and diving headfirst into their outdoor passions.

Come early, stay late… CASA will be presenting the Lady Beta Award to LOCAL lady heroes who contribute to our Southern Arizona climbing community in invaluable ways.

Thanks to our friends a Summit Hut for supporting CASA and this event!

This is a rental of The Loft Cinema, presented by Climbing Association of Southern AZ.