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Just before she became truly “notorious” when her affair with Roberto Rossellini was revealed, Alfred Hitchcock gave Ingrid Bergman one of her very best screen roles in this intoxicating love story doubling as a gripping espionage thriller.

“The most elegant expression of Hitchcock’s masterful visual style … this is the film, along with Casablanca, that assures Ingrid Bergman’s immortality.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

In Notorious, Bergman plays Alicia Huberman, a hard-drinking socialite and scandal-sheet mainstay whose father has recently been convicted as a Nazi war criminal. Playing on Alicia’s guilt and remorse, US government agent Devlin (a never-more-debonair Cary Grant) recruits the infamous beauty to travel to Rio to spy on her father’s old friend and confederate Alex Sebastian (Claude Rains), who has long been in love with Alicia. Though increasingly smitten with his beautiful agent himself, Devlin seems to have few scruples about coaxing her to marry the debonair Nazi in order to get the lowdown on Sebastian’s uranium-processing operation. As Alicia’s espionage puts her in marital-mortal danger and Devlin is torn between his love for her and his need to finish the mission, Hitchcock generates both nerve-flaying suspense and exquisite moral apprehension. Add to that a smoldering eroticism between Bergman and Grant that practically sets the screen on fire, and you’ve got yourself one of the most delicious thrillers in Hollywood history! (Dir. by Alfred Hitchcock, 1946, USA, 101 mins., Not Rated)