Nude on the Moon


“And The Heavens Brought Forth The Wonder Of Woman!”

What happens when a pair of swinging ‘60s scientist/bachelors blast off into the cosmos and discover that the Moon is actually home to a groovy nudist colony filled with topless, telepathic women sporting pipe-cleaner antennae? Well, what would YOU do? Produced and directed by oddball auteur Doris Wishman (who also gave the world such delectable classics as Bad Girls Go to Hell, Let Me Die a Woman and Double Agent 73 starring Chesty Morgan), Nude on the Moon is a hilarious, head-scratching sci-fi nudie-cutie filmed at the lovely Coral Castle, a bizarre real-life tourist attraction in Homestead, Florida. Exploiting the then-titillating early ‘60s craze for nudist camp flicks featuring uninhibited, unclothed sun worshippers frolicking in the raw while engaging in such salacious activities as volleyball, nature walking and horseshoe tossing, Florida-resident Wishman (one of the very few women directors working in the male-centered sexploitation field) here really ups the nudie-cutie ante by sending all that jiggling, sunburned flesh into the far reaches of outer space! In Nude on the Moon, a brilliant young rocket scientist and his professor friend decide to build a spaceship and blast off to the moon. Donning idiotic, pajama-like space suits, they land on the lunar surface and eventually discover a nudist camp populated by shapely telepathic moon gals (and even a few speedo-clad hunks of man meat) who roam the suspiciously Florida-looking landscape, looking for a good place to sun their buns under the warm alien sky. After being rendered helpless by a moon doll’s magic wand, the scientists are eventually allowed to wander around and witness the naked marvels of life on the moon. But, hey, doesn’t the Queen of the Moon look just like the professor’s secretary? What gives? Cheap, tacky and goofy to the extreme (check out the fashion-forward moon dolls’ stylishly saggy, baggy underpants, since in outer space, apparently no one wants to see your lower bits), and sporting a bizarrely swinging soundtrack featuring the classic lounge lizard theme song, I’m Mooning Over You, My Little Moon Doll, sung by Ralph Young, Nude on the Moon is undoubtedly the space exploration flick Stanley Kubrick would have made had he lived in southern Florida. (Dir. by Doris Wishman, 1961, USA, 83 mins., Not Rated) Digital