Obsessings: Free Video Art Screening


Obsessings is a collection of video art created by thirteen different artists enrolled at the University of Arizona School of Art. The artists include: Erik Alcumbrac, Margaret-Ann Canez, Kyle D’Auria, Ian Esquer, Paul Gordon, Sarah Hervey, Joie Horwitz, Stephanie Jiha, Ryan Madison, Jeremy Raskin, Brendon Stuff, Carlos Valdes-chavarria, and Aden Zurita. The works were generated for Assistant Professor Gary Setzer’s studio art course, Artists’ Video.

Featured Artists:

Erik Alcumbrac
Margaret-Ann Canez
Kyle D’Auria
Ian Esquer
Paul Gordon
Sarah Hervey
Joie Horwitz
Stephanie Jiha
Ryan Madison
Jeremy Raskin
Brendon Stuff
Carlos Valdes-chavarria
Aden Zurita