“Horror heap from the nuclear trash!”

More dangerous than “Octomom”! More sensuous than “Octopussy”! Yes, it’s Octaman, one of the most ridiculous Grade-Z mutant fish monster flicks to ever wave a latex rubber tentacle in your astonished face! Is he a man? Is he an octopus? And more importantly, will he be able to scarf down a calamari appetizer without totally bugging out? A scientific expedition to a remote fishing village discovers high levels of radiation as well as a funky baby octopus that walks on land and has bizarre human-like eyes. The leader of the expedition teams up with a circus owner who wants to exploit the weird creature but trouble ensues when the two men discover their crew has been slaughtered and the octofreak is missing. Soon the annoying villagers are telling badly-constructed stories describing the local legend of a half-man, half-sea serpent, but what the expedition finds instead is an astounding seven-foot-tall walking octopus that has a lust for human blood! Now, the hunters have become the hunted as this multi-armed fish stick decides to make a meal out of them! No cheesy recreational vehicle with built-in eight-track player, no garish style of polyester pantsuit, and no amount of terrible dialogue or gaping leaps in logic can stop the terrifying Octaman. Who will survive and what will be left of them? Featuring a truly silly (but kinda loveable) monster created by future Oscar-winning makeup artist Rick Baker (An American Werewolf in London), bafflingly inept direction by Creature from the Black Lagoon screenwriter Harry Essex (who manages to shamelessly rip off his own ‘50s classic at every turn) and an almost constant stream of unintentional laughs, Octaman definitely gets eight tentacles up on the bad movie-meter! (Dir. by Harry Essex, 1972, 72 min., Rated PG) Digital