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Oliver Sacks: His Own Life

Starts Streaming Wednesday, September 23

The Loft Cinema will be splitting the revenue with the film’s distributor 50/50. You can watch Oliver Sacks: His Own Life for 48 hours after your purchase. The film may be watched on your mobile device, computer, and other streaming devices. Click here for FAQs on streaming the film.

Oliver Sacks, termed “the poet laureate of medicine” by The New York Times, was a man of infinite compassion, whose scientific and literary accomplishments made him one of the first public intellectuals in the field of medicine.

“A portrait at once both tender and thrilling.” – Owen Gleiberman, Variety

London-born, to an Orthodox Jewish family, and eccentric from his earliest days, Sacks was dogged by homophobia, self-destructiveness, obsessions with swimming, motorcycling, and body-building – and for many years the hostility of the medical establishment. Ironically, it was the successful Hollywood adaptation of his book, Awakenings, starring Robin Williams and Robert De Niro, that led to his acceptance by the scientific community. As an expert in Asperger’s and Tourette’s syndromes, Parkinson’s disease, colorblindness, migraines, and a panoply of rare neurological conditions, Sacks wrote books that turned case histories into compelling stories of living, breathing people. Drawing upon extensive filmed interviews with Sacks conducted in his New York apartment in 2015 (just one month after he learned he was dying), as well as nearly two dozen interviews with close friends, family members, colleagues and patients, and archival material from every point in his life, this film is the story of a beloved doctor and writer who redefined our understanding of the brain and mind. (Dir. by Ric Burns, 2019, USA, 114 mins., Not Rated)