Only God Forgives


Celebrated filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn and acclaimed actor Ryan Gosling reunite, following their 2011 cult hit Drive, for this brutally beautiful revenge thriller, an ultra-stylized neo-noir set in the seedy world of the Bangkok criminal underworld. Julian (Gosling), a respected figure in the criminal circles of Bangkok, runs a Thai boxing club and smuggling ring with his brother Billy. When Billy is suddenly murdered, Julian and Billy‚Äôs mother/crime lord matriarch, the ruthless Crystal (Kristin Scott Thomas), arrives from London to bring back the body. But when Crystal forces Julian to settle the score with his brother’s killers, Julian finds himself trapped in a web of nightmarish revenge, leading him to the ultimate showdown. (Dir. by Nicolas Winding Refn, 2013, France/Thailand, USA/Sweden, in English, 90 mins., Rated R, Radius-TWC) Digital