Paolo Soleri: Beyond Form / Part of Tucson Modernism Week 2013


Beyond Form is a new documentary that presents a fresh and intimate look at the legendary, multi-talented artist, philosopher, urban theorist and architect Paolo Soleri – a man who had a dream to create an environment in harmony with humanity. The film focuses on how his body of work has inspired thousands of people over the years and why his unique techniques and concepts have true staying power. You’ll see why Soleri was green before “green” and “sustainable” ever entered the world lexicon. The lean approach to his many endeavors was an important theme throughout Soleri’s life, and filmmaker Aimee Madsen has created this documentary portrait much in the spirit of Soleri’s own philosophy of doing more with less. Paolo Soleri, who passed away earlier this year, was a longtime Arizona resident and founder of the world-famous community of Arcosanti, an urban laboratory/alternative human habitat exemplifying Soleri’s unique marriage of architecture and ecology, constructed in the Arizona high desert outside of Phoenix. (Dir. by Aimee Madsen, 2013, USA, 80 mins., Not Rated, Eyeam Films) Digital