Party Camp


“Unbelievably lame and a ton of raunchy fun.” – Cult Film Critics

“Party your brains out. Get crazy. Cause serious damage. Just another typical summer at … Party Camp!” A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and it doesn’t get much more mindless (or terrible!) than a summer spent among the nerds, jocks, nudists and Ferris Bueller-wanna be’s at Party Camp! In this raunchy, lowbrow USA Up All Night ‘80s sex comedy, an obnoxious teenage party animal named Jerry Riviera gets a job as a counselor at a seedy summer camp, and finding that the camp is run like a military training facility, he makes it his life’s mission to turn the uptight camp into a rocking Party Camp! A non-stop barrage of dumb jokes, jiggly nudity and bad ‘80s music ensues. Plumbing the depths of summer camp depravity that Meatballs carefully avoided (in order to ensure its PG rating), Party Camp throws caution to the wind and goes all in for an R-rated schlock-fest filled with crotch-level comedy, strip poker, bare breasts, sex dreams, drug use, beer bongs, bare breasts, a Friday the 13th homage, kids with Uzis, computer nerds, bare breasts, horny camp administrators, nonsensical dialogue, high school drama club-level acting, bare breasts, and “cool” dudes who like to look over the tops of their ray ban sunglasses. And did we mention the bare breasts? Starring goofy ‘80s B-movie teen star Billy Jayne (Just One of the Guys) and frequently-topless ‘80s sexploitation star Jewel Shepard (Hollywood Hot Tubs), Party Camp may be lewd, crude and devoid of redeeming social value, but chances are it will make you laugh. (Dir. by Paul Graver, 1987, USA, 96 mins., Rated R)