Petey Wheatstraw, the Devil’s Son-In-Law


Things are going to get hotter than hell during HAIL SATAN MONTH at Mondo Mondays, featuring a kooky cauldron of satanic cinema that would entertain the devil himself!

“Have no fear, it’s the comedy smash of the year!” Legendary ‘70s comedian/action hero (well, sort of) Rudy Ray Moore takes a break from playing Dolemite to battle the devil, do a little stand-up comedy, and practice his own very special brand of martial arts in this jaw-dropping explosion of pure WTF magic!

“Hilariously entertaining … there’s nothing quite like watching Rudy Ray Moore with the power of the devil.” – Grindhouse Cinema Database

The incredible Rudy Ray plays Petey Wheatstraw, who grows up poor and becomes a martial artist (well, sort of), but who secretly dreams of being a beloved comedian. When he tries to become the King of Comedy, Petey runs afoul of the evil comedy team of Leroy and Skillet, who also happen to be murderers with mob ties. When Petey becomes too much of a comedy threat, the bad guys get tough and plot their ridiculous revenge, at which point Satan enters the picture and offers to help Petey win the comedy war, but only if Petey agrees to marry Satan’s hideously ugly daughter and father Lucifer’s grandchild. And then things REALLY get weird! Filled with Rudy Ray Moore’s signature awkward fight sequences, eye-gouging ‘70s disco wardrobe and uncomfortably raunchy sex jokes, Petey Wheatstraw ups the “wow” factor by throwing in such unbelievable sights as Petey being born as a fully-formed 9-year-old boy, Satan trotting through the neighborhood in a red jogging suit, and a bachelor party in hell featuring a bevy of lingerie-clad demonesses leading Petey into one of the strangest onscreen orgies you’ve ever seen. A head-scratching triumph from the man who made the ‘70s fun, Petey Wheatstraw makes going to hell seem like the best idea ever! (Dir. by Cliff Roquemore, 1977, USA, 94 mins., Rated R)