Plan 9 from Outer Space


“Unspeakable Horrors From Outer Space Paralyze The Living And Resurrect The Dead!”

With its incoherent plot, jaw-droppingly odd dialogue, inept acting, threadbare production design, and special effects so shoddy that they border on the surreal, Plan 9 from Outer Space, from the immortal Ed Wood, Jr., has often been called the worst movie ever made. While that’s probably true, it’s also an oddly loveable disaster; packed with genuine enthusiasm and undeniable charm, it’s obviously the work of a man who loved movies and loved making them, even if he displayed little visible talent in that particular area. In this epic tale of Cold War-era extraterrestrial invasion, sarcastic aliens in shiny ice- skating outfits zoom around in string-powered flying saucers to implement the dreaded “Ninth Plan” for Earth’s conquest (the first eight apparently failed), a brilliant plan fueled by an army of zombies (well, three actually): a feeble old man dressed in a Dracula costume (Bela Lugosi, in a legendary “post-mortum” performance completed with the stand-in help of a much taller chiropractor); the old man’s much younger and ridiculously well-proportioned wife (played by Vampira); and a remarkably chunky, quasi-unintelligible police officer (pro wrestler Tor Johnson). Truly hilarious and consistently entertaining (if almost always for the wrong reasons), Plan 9 from Outer Space is an anti-masterpiece if there ever was one, and as well-groomed psychic Criswell so brilliantly puts it, “Can you PROVE it didn’t happen?!?” (Dir. by Edward D. Wood Jr., 1959, 79 mins., Not Rated) Digital