“Fun, silly junk. Like watching a ‘70s TV show with bare breasts, swearing and some of the worst acting you’ve ever seen. Clearly, this is recommended!” – Badmovies.org

“Cold steel on the outside … all woman on the inside!” Ahhhhh, the 1970s. When else could you go to your local drive-in and see a kung-fu fighting police woman on an undercover assignment to bust an all-female crime ring that loves to wear bikinis and blow stuff up? In Policewomen (whose title was changed from the more accurate, more singular Police Woman in order to avoid a lawsuit from the producers of the ‘70s TV series starring Angie Dickinson), red-haired ’70s exploitation star Sondra Currie (Teenage Seductress, Mama’s Dirty Girls) stars as Lacey Bond (no relation to James), a tough police woman who’s tired of dealing with her sexist male co-workers and who longs for more interesting assignments, and so jumps at the chance to infiltrate a vicious gang of female criminals who are running amuck in the city. Packing her bikini and hair dryer, sharpening her kung-fu skills and canceling her subscription to Cosmo, Lacey goes after the lady gang (led by an evil 80 year-old woman name Maude!), picks up a kiss-ass partner named Pam (Jeanie Bell of TNT Jackson fame), and fights, disrobes, beats up a giant mongo named “Doc,” and even finds time for a little extra-curricular lovin’, all while rocking platform shoes and a crocheted bathing suit. Who needs Charlie’s Angels? From the clearly talented director of The Black Gestapo and The Thing with Two Heads! (Dir. by Lee Frost, 1974, USA, 90 mins., Rated R)