It’s the spring of 1958 in a village in Normandy. 21-year-old Rose (Déborah François, The Child) aspires to be more than just a housewife or an assistant at her father’s small-town grocery, so she moves to the city and applies for a job as a secretary. Unfortunately, Rose discovers that she is a terrible secretary; however, she proves to be a devilishly good typist. Her handsome boss, Louis (Romain Duris, The Big Picture) takes her under his wing, and resolves to turn her into the fastest typist in the world. Soon, Rose is swept into a life of intense training as Louis coaches her to become a regional, national, and eventually an international speed-typing competitor, culminating in Rose’s final challenge at a typing competition in New York City. But will our typing twosome also find true love among the keys? Find out if romance and speed-typing mix in this delightfully fun and frothy 1950s-era French romantic comedy that combines a swanky Mad Man aesthetic with a wacky I Love Lucy sensibility, all told in the bubbly style of Hollywood’s classic Rock Hudson/Doris Day comedies. (Dir. by Régis Roinsard, 2013, France, in French with subtitles, 111 mins., Rated R, Weinstein) Digital