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Celebrate the muscled magic of the late, great Carl Weathers with the original 1987 sci-fi action classic, Predator!

Arnold meets Alien and it’s all going to go “Boom!” in 1987’s Predator, one of the most essential ‘80s action flicks, featuring an overload of quips, kills and maximum spent ammo!    Schwarzenegger stars as Major “Dutch” Schaefer, the commanding officer of an elite team of military badaases (Carl Weathers, Bill Duke and Jesse Ventura, among others) that is sent by the CIA on what they believe to be a rescue mission in the heart of the Central American jungle. But Dutch and his team soon have bigger problems to deal with when they realize they’re being stalked by a bloodthirsty extraterrestrial game hunter that uses advanced alien technology – including the ability to render itself invisible – to pick them off one by one.  Cue an explosive, blood-soaked, brain-rattling machismo spectacle of epic proportions that demands to be seen on the big screen!  From the director of Die Hard(Dir. by John McTiernan, 1987, USA, 107 mins., Rated R)

1 HR 47 MIN | R

Released 1987
Predator Trailer Trailer
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