Private Theater Rentals


We are now renting Screen 3* to groups of up to 20 people! Get the family together for special private screening or enjoy a movie night with a close group of friends!

*Screen 3 is wheelchair accessible. 


We will only have one rental block available per day. Tuesdays & Weekends are no longer available. 

– Screen 3 at 2:00PM (2 hrs max, 20 people max)

Monday: $150 flat rate 
Wednesday & Thursday: $200 flat rate
Friday: $250 flat rate

The Loft Cinema is unable to rent out the theatre for public events for more than 20 people for the foreseeable future. We apologize for the inconvenience.

TO FILL OUT A RENTAL BOOKING REQUEST, CLICK HERE. Email [email protected] with any additional questions.

Private Rental Rules & Best Practices

  • We will ask that you and your guests arrive 15 to 20 minutes before your rental start time to allow time at concessions as well as settling into your seats in the theater.
  • Once you arrive at The Loft, all guests regardless of vaccination status must wear a mask before entering the premises and whenever in common areas, and that you limit yourselves to 15 people in the lobby at a time. Please head into your theater as soon as you have purchased your concessions.
  • Depending on the time of your rental, there may be other customers outside of your group in the lobby.
  • At the concessions stand you will be able to order popcorn, soda, cookies, nachos, and candy, as well as beer and wine. If you plan on tipping our theater staff, please be sure to bring cash as our point of sale system does not allow for credit card tipping.
  • Outside alcohol is not allowed. If you plan on bringing your own snacks please note that for health reasons the theater staff will not handle any outside food.
  • Please Note: Any late starts or extensions of your rental period will need to be approved ahead of time, and may be subject to additional charges.