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Still reeling after a terrifying, violent encounter left her in a constant state of anxiety, Tereza practically refuses to leave her house. In an attempt to help her recuperate and get back to her old self, her husband buys here a state-of-the-art, voice-activated armored car and takes her to their family’s country house, where, unbeknownst to them, the workers have revolted after having been callously dismissed by the management. The years of exploitation and resentment have built up, and they are ready to take their money – or the land. The only thing standing between them and Tereza is this impenetrable beast of a car. But trapped alone inside the vehicle, Tereza quickly realizes that the trouble with the voice-activated armored car is, she needs her husband’s voice to activate it. And since her husband is being held hostage by the disgruntled workers, Tereza must formulate a desperate plan for survival. Director Daniel Bandeira’s pulse-pounding, reverse home invasion thriller offers a sharp take on the clash of the classes in Brazil, offering up ever-escalating tension and social commentary in equal measure. You might never look at your car the same way again. (Dir. by Daniel Bandeira, 2022, Brazil, in Portuguese with English subtitles, 100 mins., Not Rated)

Other festivals: Berlin, Edinburgh, Fantastic Fest

1 HR 40 MIN | NR

Released 2022
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