“Sizzling Dance by Day – Hot Moves by Night!”

Feel the burn with the sweaty, silly and downright sleazy ‘80s “aerobics-sploitation” classic Pulsebeat! If you ever wondered what Stallone’s Over the Top would have looked like with aerobic squatting instead of arm wrestling, then this is the film for you. Roger is the owner of Pulsebeat, a hot health club where only the most buff-looking men and women are allowed to work out. His sexy new aerobics instructor Annie starts heating things up, both in and out of the club. Together they train to compete in the nationally-televised Aerobithon and beat the evil Marlene – the owner of a rival health emporium who desperately wants to take over Roger’s gym. Along the way, we are treated to WAY too much slow motion showering, pointless nudity, sex on gym equipment, wacky (and aerobically questionable) dance routines featuring lots of jiggling and dangling body bits and a supposedly tense finale in which scores of spandex-clad airheads compete in such categories as “Best Aerrobic Trio Routine” for the title of National Aerobithon Champion! Possibly the dumbest and trashiest entry in the remarkably dumb and trashy genre of mid-‘80s aerobics flicks like Perfect, Heavenly Bodies and Fast Forward, Pulsebeat will really raise your heart rate and lower your IQ! (Dir. by Maurice Tobias, 1985, USA, 92 mins., Rated R) Digital