In this charming romantic drama, a whole new world opens up for suburban housewife Agnes (Kelly Macdonald, No Country for Old Men) when she discovers an unexpected talent for solving jigsaw puzzles, unlocking passions she had never before imagined.

“An absolute delight … Kelly Macdonald is wonderful.” – Alex Billington, First Showing

In Puzzle, Agnes appears to lead a contented life as a devoted housewife and mother, except she’s taken for granted by her husband and children. A chance birthday gift of a thousand-piece puzzle leads Agnes to discover that she is exceptionally skilled at putting them together. She soon becomes passionate about puzzles, leading her to the enigmatic Robert (Irrfan Khan, The Lunchbox), who introduces her to the world of puzzle competitions. Gradually, Agnes discovers a sense of purpose and self-worth that she has long been lacking, leading her to question her life in unexpected ways. Directed by producer Marc Turteltaub (Little Miss Sunshine), Puzzle is a moving, uplifting story of finding independence in the most unlikely places, driven by superb performances from Macdonald and Khan. (Dir. by Marc Turtletaub, 2018, USA, 103 mins., Rated PG-13)

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