Rear Window starring Grace Kelly


Looking has never been so dangerous! James Stewart is L.B. Jeffries, an ace photographer stuck in a wheelchair after breaking his leg. Despite receiving regular visits from his beautiful high-fashion sweetheart, Lisa (Grace Kelly), Jeffries is bored and soon resorts to spying on his tenement neighbors through a telephoto lens. “Look out the window, and you’ll see things you shouldn’t see,” Jeffries’ nurse (Thelma Ritter) warns him, but he just can’t help himself. After witnessing some mysterious activity in the apartment across the courtyard, Jeffries begins to suspect that a neighbor may have murdered his wife, and soon our homebound peeping tom is luring the plucky Lisa into his amateur – and highly dangerous!- investigation. In Rear Window, one of Hitchcock’s most popular, fun and frightening hits, the Master of Suspense uses highly-stylized camera techniques to entice the audience into a disturbing relationship with the screen that mimics Jimmy Stewart’s relationship with his window, turning us all into thrill-seeking voyeurs. And in the astonishingly beautiful Grace Kelly, gliding effortlessly between fashion model iciness and girl-next-door earthiness, Hitch found his picture perfect prototype for all the glamorous Hitchcock Blondes who followed. (Dir. by Alfred Hitchcock, 1954, USA, 115 mins., Not Rated) Digital