Revenge of the Cheerleaders


Mondo Mondays Hassels the Hoff with a tribute to the cinematic legend that is DAVID HASSELHOFF! Start running in slow motion NOW!

“It’s high school the way we remember it … although it never happened quite like this!” The cheerleading squad at Aloha High is out for revenge … or something …and David Hasselhoff and the rest of America’s stoned teenagers will never be the same in this unexpectedly weird, brain-fried action/comedy that “brings it on” in ways that only ‘70s drive-in movies could!

“A goofy, naughty and downright strange time capsule of the ‘70s cheerleading craze.” – Mondo Digital

Meet Gail, Heather, Leslie, Tishi and Sesame – the party animal cheerleaders of Aloha High (quite possibly one of the sleaziest high schools in movie history). These fun-loving, grade-challenged young ladies spend their days and nights raising the spirits of the boy’s basketball team (including a young David Hasselhoff as an ever-ready airhead named “Boner”). But when the girls discover a nefarious plot by evil developers to condemn their beloved school, they strike back with a plan that includes drug-fueled food fights, locker room bubble bath orgies, giant dinosaurs and a secret weapon to winning the big game. All rules – and often, all uniforms – are officially off, because this is the Revenge of the Cheerleaders! Featuring ‘70s drive-in favorite Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smith (Massacre at Central High) as a very pregnant cheerleader, dumb comedy, even dumber action, silly sex scenes, inexplicable dance numbers, and Hasselhoff’s embarrassing, full-frontal film debut (yes, prepare for the “Full Hoff”), Revenge of the Cheerleaders is a Tarantino favorite, and an acknowledged influence on the director’s Grindhouse action flick, Death Proof.   Huh? (Dir. by Richard Lerner, 1976, USA, 87 mins., Rated R)