Rewind This!


The format may be long obsolete, but millennial geeks are still reveling in the grainy, outrageous pleasures of VHS. Rewind This! is a fun, insightful and twisted love letter to the video tape. Video cassettes upended the way we watched television and movies, but in the modern world of HD, Blu-ray and VOD, tape seems tapped out. Yet a handful of rabid geeks adore the format – not just for its mercurial quality, but for the weird and wonderful stuff that can only be found on video. Rewind This! reveals how VHS led to the democratization of the film industry, as small studios and backyard filmmakers churned out the beloved schlock and amateur oddities now coveted by hardcore obsessives. The story of the home video revolution is a tale of both technological advancement and human ambition … not to mention those dreaded “Rewinding Fees” from the local video store. VHS vs. Beta! Porn invades the living room! Bootleg tape trading! Direct-to-Video madness! The rise of the mom and pop video shops! It’s all here in Rewind This!, as director Josh Johnson unites VHS fanatics, video store employees, XXX vets, box artists, collectors, archivists and filmmakers (including Lloyd Kaufman, Atom Egoyan and Frank Henenlotter) for this hilariously eye-opening ode to the pleasures of video tape. For optimum quality, please adjust your tracking … (Dir. by Josh Johnson, 2013, USA, 94 mins., Not Rated, IPF Productions) Digital