Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky


This infamous Hong Kong cult flick from 1992 is widely considered to be the mother of all “Gore Fu” films, a wild, violent, cartoonish chop to the head that starts out over-the-top and just keeps going from there.
“Fresh Meat” Ricky is sent to prison after killing the opium dealer who kidnapped and murdered his girlfriend. There he runs afoul of the evil warden, the warden’s even more evil henchman (who sports a glass eye and a hook hand), and “The Gang of Four,” a group of nasty fighters/convicts who hold their fellow prisoners captive in a web of fear. The ever-optimistic Ricky decides to show them what he’s made of, and soon the game is on, leading to some of the most hilariously gruesome and ridiculously obscene violence ever seen on screen. Heads are crushed, eyes go missing, humans are ground into hamburger meat, intestines are used as weapons, and at one wonderfully ludicrous point, Ricky must tie his own snapped tendons back together during a bloody kung fu battle!
Riki-Oh must be seen to be believed.

“You’ll die mutilated today!”