Robocop (1987) / Loft Staff Selects


Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven’s Hollywood breakthrough film, Robocop, is an influential, exceedingly violent blend of dark comedy, dystopian science fiction and gritty crime thriller. Set in a nightmarish Detroit sometime in the near future, Robocop tells the story of murdered police officer Alex Murphy (Peter Weller), who is resurrected by the sinister corporation, Omni Consumer Products, as an unstoppable half-human, half-robot super cop. At first, the bizarre law enforcement plan works like gangbusters – the Robocop is indestructible, and within a matter of weeks, he, along with his trusty partner Ann Lewis (Nancy Allen), has removed crime from the streets of Detroit. However, things take a turn for the worse when Alex’s human memories begin to resurface – the cyborg avenger is tortured by his past, and he wants revenge on the thugs who killed him. What follows is an all-out blitzkrieg of insanely over-the-top action, blazing pyrotechnics and scathing social satire, served up with typically subversive panache by wildman director Paul Verhoeven (Starship Troopers, Total Recall). Now I’d buy that for a dollar! (Dir. by Paul Verhoeven, 1987, USA, 102 mins., Rated R) Digital