Rock ‘N’ Roll High School Forever


“The high school comedy about the 3 R’s – Rock – Rock – and Rock!”

In the annals of hell-raising rock and roll rebellion, there are a select few artists who could safely be called true rock icons: Elvis Presley. Keith Richards. Sid Vicious. And Corey Feldman? Yes, that’s right, all you non-believers, The Feldman really tore it up and rocked it out in Rock and Roll High School Forever, the stupefying, brain-deflating sequel to the classic original Rock and Roll High School starring the Ramones! Now, whether or not the world actually wanted or needed such as thing is totally open to debate … In Rock and Roll High School Forever (which was released in 1991, but which actually looks like one of the most awesomely ‘80s movies ever made), our man Corey plays bad boy Jessie Davis, a rockin’ rebel who loves to lead his dimwitted classmates at Ronald Reagan High School into all sorts of trouble (the fact that he tends to dress and dance like Bad-era Michael Jackson is our first hint that he’s truly dangerous). Jessie wants to hold a bitchin’ rock and roll rally, but first he’s going to have to defeat the school’s fascist vice-principal Dr. Vadar (played by the great Mary Woronov, quasi-reprising her role as Principal Togar from the original film, only this time with a freaky metal hook for a hand), who wants nothing more than to stop Jessie and his band, The Eradicators, from playing at the school dance, leading to lots of bad music, exploding toilets, vomiting, Pepsi product placement and dumb Star Wars jokes. If this movie couldn’t kill rock and roll, nothing ever will! (Dir. by Deborah Brock, 1991, USA, 95 mins., Rated PG-13) Digital