Safety Last / New 90th Anniversary Digital Restoration!


Along with Chaplin and Keaton, Harold Lloyd was one of the silent era’s clown princes, a bespectacled Nebraska boy and perennial freshman whose breathless comedies were marked by unsinkable Midwestern energy and optimism. Lloyd was dubbed “The King of Daredevil Comedy” due in large part to his most famous film, Safety Last, and after decades of chases, explosions and CGI shenanigans, the film’s mind-boggling, jaw-dropping stunts still have the power to send audiences reeling.
In Safety Last, Lloyd plays a small town boy who moves to the big city to make good, only to find himself stuck in a dead end job at a department store, tormented by a formidable landlady, a foppish boss and hordes of ferocious shoppers. Needing dough to marry hometown sweetheart Mildred Davis (she became the real-life Mrs. Lloyd that same year), the lowly salesclerk cooks up an outrageous, million dollar “human fly” publicity stunt for his department store. But things go from bad to worse when, with the real climber on the lam from the law, Harold gets stuck climbing the building himself. Shot without trick photography on rooftop sets looming over a real downtown Los Angeles, the legendary, death-defying climb up the skyscraper – interrupted by Lloyd’s über-iconic encounter with a huge clock – is, nine decades on, still one of the funniest and most suspenseful sequences in movie history, but only the topper to a wild succession of priceless sights gags and stunts that became a blueprint for subsequent generations of comics. This brand-new 90th anniversary digital restoration, made from the original nitrate camera negative, returns this iconic comedy back to its original brilliance. Featuring a music score written and conducted by Carl Davis.(Fred C. Newmeyer & Sam Taylor, 1923, USA, silent with music score, 74 mins., Not Rated) Digital