Santa’s Slay


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“One of the most ridiculous holiday movies of all-time … instantly quotable and full of humor and blood … nuttier than any fruitcake you’ve ever encountered.” – Oh, the Horror!

“He’s making a list … pray you’re not on it!” If you’ve been dying to see a professional wrestler play a demonic killer Santa Claus, then look no further than Santa’s Slay, a carnage-filled Christmas delight. In this goofy, gory black comedy/horror flick, WWE star Bill Goldberg kills it as the “real” Santa, the one who is actually Satan’s deadly son … you know, the one who attacks strip clubs just for laughs, hurls burning gifts from his sleigh and murders obnoxious Christmas carolers. Can a pair of annoying teenagers stop him from ruining the holidays and send him back to hell where he belongs? Featuring a very weird cast, including SCTV’s Dave Thomas, Oscar-winner James Caan, Robert Culp, Chris Kattan, Tommy “Tiny” Lister and Fran Dresher (??!!), and playing like Bad Santa with more blood, breasts and exploding children, Santa’s Slay just might be your new favorite Christmas movie! (Dir. by David Steiman, 2005, USA, 78 min., Rated R)