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Shattered Glass


See the acclaimed 2003 drama, Shattered Glass, starring Hayden Christensen and Peter Sarsgaard, followed by an onstage discussion with Arizona Daily Star editor Jill Jorden Spitz!

Journalism on Screen is an ongoing series combining films that explore the world of journalism with lively discussions with experts and industry professionals. Presented by The New York Times, The Arizona Daily Star, The Daily Wildcat/UA TV-3, The University of Arizona College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, The University of Arizona School of Journalism, Arizona Inn and The Loft Cinema.

“A wry and often riveting account of an infamous moment in journalism.” – Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel

Shattered Glass tells the infamous true story of journalist Stephen Glass, the twenty-something whiz kid who quickly rose from a minor writing post in Washington, to a sought-after feature writer for such publications as Rolling Stone and the New Republic, until a bizarre chain of events suddenly stopped his career dead in its tracks. Young hotshot journalist Glass (Hayden Christensen) puts on a good show for his adoring editor, Michael Kelly (Hank Azaria), but admits deep insecurities to his fellow writer, Caitlin Avey (Chloë Sevigny). When Glass begins turning in outrageous stories, his popularity skyrockets, but rival journalist Charles Lane (Peter Sarsgaard) becomes suspicious as to their factual accuracy, and eventually discovers that Glass has been fabricating many of his sources, leading to a shocking and highly-publicized fall from grace that rocked the world of journalism. (Dir. by Billy Ray, 2003 USA, 94 mins., Rated PG-13)

Jill Jorden Spitz is editor of the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson, AZ. Jorden Spitz joined the Star in 1998 as a reporter and has also served as business editor, assistant managing editor, and was most recently a senior editor. Before that she covered Walt Disney and Universal Studios for the Orlando Sentinel.