Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers


“When you go camping, just take the essentials …”

Ahhhh, summer! A time of warm weather, long vacations and truly awful summer camp slasher flicks featuring horny, over-aged campers being sliced, diced and put on ice. And in this extremely goofy sequel to the classic horror flick Sleepaway Camp, the sex and gore are turned up to “11” as the gender-bending Angela returns to camp (now as a counselor) and proceeds to make the mullet-and-bikini crowd wish they had all gone to summer school instead! When we last saw Angela in the 1983 original flick, she had inadvertently revealed her gender “secret” to the world after slaughtering a bunch of her obnoxious peers at summer camp. Cut to seven years later, and Angela is now a twenty-something counselor at Camp Rolling Hills (guess committing multiple murders doesn’t necessarily preclude you from working with kids somewhere down the road). Now played by Pamela Springsteen (sister of Bruce Springsteen!), Angela is clearly still out of her mind, as the highly moralistic young woman(?) begins offing all the camp’s bad kids in variously gruesome ways (even drowning one over-sexed camper in the leech-filled outhouse crapper with a big stick), leading to a shocking conclusion that may or may not spell the end of the road for poor nutty Angela. Yes, the awkward Pamela Springsteen gets to sing (one of the movie’s major selling points when it was first released to a confused public … a Sleepaway Camp sequel five years later? Starring Bruce Springsteen’s sister? What?), but what really puts this one over the top is the gruesome gusto with which it pursues the two main ingredients of any summer camp slasher worth its tanning lotion – nudity and splatter! Featuring more over-inflated boobs and severed body parts than an evening at the Kardashian compound, Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers really delivers the goods as it revels in the depths of sub-Porky’s raunch and post-FF13th gore in ways you only dream about. Also starring Renee Estevez (sister of Emilio … take a drink every time you see “famous sibling nepotism” rear its ugly head in this movie) as the token “good girl,” this is one summer camp flick that makes Meatballs look like, well … Meatballs! (Dir. by Michael A. Simpson, 1988, USA, 79 mins., Rated R) Digital