Slumber Party Massacre II

Slumber Party Massacre II


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It’s HARD ROCKING HORROR MONTH at Mondo Mondays, and we’re turning it up to “11” with enough music, monsters and bad movie mayhem to make your speakers go BOOM!

“Thrills, Chills and Guitar Drills!” When a supernatural rockabilly driller killer terrorizes an all-girl high school rock band at their totally bitchin’ slumber party, there’s going to be hell to pay and a big mess to clean up, like, fer sure, in this goofy horror sequel with a beat you can die to! After surviving the events of the first Slumber Party Massacre, squeaky-clean teen Courtney Bates (Crystal Bernard) is still a bit freaked out.   So she and her Bangles-esque band set out for a freewheeling weekend – jamming out, having slow motion pillow fights, and partying with some totally bitchin’ dudes.   But the fun turns into a major bummer when a supernatural psycho rocker crashes the party sporting a greasy pompadour, a leather bodysuit and a cherry red guitar equipped with a giant power drill!  A hilarious bubble gum slasher party flick with a feminist twist (courtesy of writer/director Deborah Brock, who also gave the world Rock ‘n Roll High School Forever starring Corey Feldman), Slumber Party Massacre II is primo cinematic Cheez Whiz, featuring fantasy gross-out sequences, crazed ‘80s pastel fashions and yes, a bunch of bloody musical numbers! A rockin’ good time from Roger Corman’s Concorde Pictures. (Dir. by Deborah Brock, 1987, USA, 77 mins., Rated R)

1 HR 15 MIN | R

Released 1987
Slumber Party Massacre II Trailer Trailer
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