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In this wild post-apocalyptic thriller, the planet has frozen, thanks to a botched attempt to reverse global warming, and all the surviving humans are packed aboard a self-sustaining train that endlessly circles the globe. But the train is rigidly divided by wealth and class, the downtrodden massed together in the rear and ripe for revolution. Led by a rebel named Curtis (Chris Evans, Captain America), they begin to make their violent way to the front, where the master of the train awaits them. Is this science fiction, or an allegory of our times? Bong Joon-ho, celebrated director of The Host, Memories of Murder and Mother, has become a cinematic superstar molding traditional genres to his visionary ends. Working with an all-star international cast and the biggest budget of his career, he gives us in Snowpiercer a blazingly original – and darkly funny – vision of the future. Also starring Jamie Bell, Ed Harris, John Hurt, Octavia Spencer, and Tilda Swinton.