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Space Jam


Space Jam is a happy marriage of good ideas – three films for the price of one. It entertains kids at one level while giving their parents a lot to smile at, too.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

Get ready to jam when basketball superstar Michael Jordan teams up with Bugs Bunny and the whole Looney Tunes gang in this goofy, good-time animated/live-action sports comedy. In Space Jam, the evil Swackhammer, owner of the intergalactic amusement park Moron Mountain, is desperate for a new attraction, so he sends his henchmen, the Nerdlucks, to Looney Tunes Land for some forcible recruitment. Bugs and the crew are far from excited and hatch a plan to challenge the diminutive Nerdlucks to a game of basketball to determine their fate. The Tunes think they have it in the bag until the Nerdlucks use their strange powers to steal the talents of NBA greats Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Muggsy Bogues, Larry Johnson, and Shawn Bradley to transform themselves into the unbeatable, super-sized, slam-dunking ultra-team, The Monstars. So it’s up to our carrot chomping leader to recruit the only man than can possibly save Tune-kind, Michael Jordan. What follows is one of the zaniest basketball games ever played in this, or any other, universe. Also starring Bill Murray and Wayne Knight. (Dir. by Joe Pytka, 1996, USA, 88 mins., Rated PG)

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