Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country


With the return of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan director Nicholas Meyer, Star Trek VI restored the long-running movie series to its classic blend of exciting space opera, intelligent plotting, and engaging interaction of stalwart heroes and menacing villains. Borrowing its subtitle (and several lines of dialogue) from Shakespeare, the movie finds Admiral Kirk (William Shatner) and his fellow Enterprise crew members on a diplomatic mission to negotiate peace with the revered Klingon Chancellor Gorkon (David Warner). When the high-ranking Klingon and several officers are ruthlessly murdered, blame is placed on Kirk, whose subsequent investigation uncovers an assassination plot masterminded by the nefarious Klingon General Chang (Christopher Plummer) in an effort to disrupt a historic peace summit. As this sharp-edged political plot unfolds, old friends Kirk and Spock must confront their opposing views of diplomacy, and their bonds of loyalty are tested when a Vulcan officer is revealed to be a traitor. With a dramatic depth befitting what was to be the final movie mission of the original Star Trek crew, the film took the veteran cast out in respectably high style. (Dir. by Nicholas Meyer, 1991, 110 mins., Rated PG) Digital