This light-hearted comedy, a smash hit in its native Quebec, follows lovable middle-aged underachiever David Wozniak, who finds that his frequent visits to the local sperm bank over the years have unexpectedly made him the father of over 500 children! A hapless deliveryman, David (played by actor/comedian Patrick Huard, star of Good Cop, Bad Cop) gets parking tickets at every single stop along his route, has thugs on his tail for massive overdue loans, and is in a “sort of” relationship with a girlfriend who announced that she was pregnant just before dumping him. Surprisingly, these are the least of David’s concerns. The past is coming back to haunt him in the form of a class-action lawsuit, launched by 142 of the 533 children who resulted from the 648 sperm donations he deposited over 20 years ago. This rather large group of David’s angry offspring is suing the clinic to learn David’s true identity, while a media circus ensues (the local press dubs the mysterious donor “Starbuck,” in honor of a true-life Holstein bull famed for his stud services). Never one to accept a responsibility that he couldn’t better shirk, David assumes a variety of guises in order to sneak a peek into the lives of his young progeny, and in the process discovers a natural talent for nurturing he never knew he had. Director Ken Scott’s charming and heartwarming comedy is a bona-fide crowd-pleaser that has already been slated for a big budget Hollywood remake starring Vince Vaughn. (Dir. by Ken Scott, 2012, Canada, in French with subtitles, 109 mins., Rated R, eOne Films) Digital