Steamboat Bill, Jr.


Set on the Mississippi River, the hilarious silent comedy classic Steamboat Bill, Jr. follows the wild misadventures of a spoiled young man (Buster Keaton, aka “The Great Stone Face”) who is forced by his crusty riverboat captain father to join his boat crew, leading to hysterical hijinks and elaborate slapstick gags culminating in a crazed cyclone sequence that literally brings down the house! The last of Keaton’s independent feature films, as well as one of the last silent film comedies in general, Steamboat Bill, Jr. is one of the legendary comedian’s greatest works – an awe-inspiring combination of laugh-out-loud hilarity and mind-boggling stunts (including the famous finale in which our hapless hero navigates an obstacle course of houses crashing down around him). An unbeatable treat on the big screen!