Step Brothers


Calling all best buds, dueling siblings and casual frenemies – the Step Brothers are here to show you the true meaning of “family.” Two unemployed, 40-year-old Los Angeles-area slackers – Brennen Huff (Will Ferrell) and Dale Doback (John C. Reilly) – are brought together when Brennen’s mom (Mary Steenburgen) falls for and marries Dale’s dad (Richard Jenkins).

“The greatest manchild vs. manchild story ever told, Step Brothers looks more and more like the funniest movie of the 21st century.” – David Marchese, Rolling Stone

As the two lazy, selfish, emotionally-infantile new stepbrothers get used to living together, tensions mount to ridiculous proportions, and their worlds are turned upside down. Despite their conflicts, hey somehow decide that they both have the ultimate business idea, combining Brennan’s questionable singing abilities and Dale’s tortured drumming skills to form a rock and roll karaoke company called “Prestige Worldwide.” But their insane, ongoing rivalry and toxic narcissism, along with a few minor incidents (like crashing their dad’s beloved boat while filming a music video), pulls the new family apart, eventually forcing Brennen and Dale to work together to reunite their parents. Can they pull it off without causing even more devastation and destruction?   Born from the twisted minds of Will Ferrell and Adam McKay (Anchorman), Step Brothers is an absurdly hilarious arrested-development comedy awash in Catalina wine mixers, rockin’ Hall & Oates tunes and sweet garage karate. (Dir. by Adam McKay, 2008, USA, 98 mins., Rated R)