Presented by UA Russian and Slavic Studies

Storm Over Asia


The University of Arizona Department of Russian and Slavic Studies invites you to a take part in a film series commemorating the 100-year anniversary of the Russian Revolution. Join us for two screenings of films from legendary Soviet directors Sergei Eisenstein and Vsevolod Pudovkin.

Featuring an introduction and post-film panel discussion with Dr. Rae Dachille.

This week, we will turn our attention revolutionary events in the Soviet East in Storm Over Asia (1928), directed by Eisenstein’s rival Vsevolod Pudovkin. Pudovkin’s pioneering film tells the story of a poor Mongol fur trapper who escapes the indignities of Western imperialism and makes a violent entry into revolutionary consciousness, inspired by the historical legacy of Genghis Khan. Filmed on location in the Siberian region of Buryatia, Pudovkin’s work contains a mix of dramatic and documentary scenes, including rare footage of a Tibetan Buddhist temple ceremony at the Tamchinsky monastery. (Dir. by Vsevolod Pudovkin, 1928, Soviet Union, 74 mins., Not Rated)

Dr. Rae Dachille
Dr. Rae Dachille is a Buddhism specialist who holds a dual appointment in the Department of East Asian Studies and the Department of Religious Studies and Classics at UA.