Strutter with directors Allison Anders and Kurt Voss in person


An aspiring rocker loses his band and his girl but gains the friendship of his idol in this sweet and humanistic comedy by the critically acclaimed filmmaking duo of Allison Anders (Grace of My Heart, Mi Vida Loca) and Kurt Voss (Border Radio, Sugar Town).
Shot in beautiful black-and-white, Strutter is a tale of heartbreak and redemption that follows scruffy, freshly dumped Los Angeles punk rocker Brett (likeable newcomer Flannery Lunsford), whose sadness spirals into agony when he finds out his ex-girlfriend is dating his man-crush, uber-cool record store owner and fellow musician Damon (Dante Ailano White). Pain begets strip-club fistfights, philosophical conversations at the guitar store, emotional moments behind the mic and a budding new romance. Filled with comedy and charisma to burn, the movie features an incredible original music score from J. Mascis of Dinosaur jr. and cameos from Victoria Williams and two-time TFMF alumni Jessica von Rabbit of Gram Rabbit.