Super Fuzz


“Mindlessly stupid and immensely entertaining, this extremely dated superhero comedy is about as cheesy as it gets.”- All

“Dave Speed is saving the world from crime … but who is saving the world from Dave Speed?” When a Miami rookie cop develops ridiculous super powers after being exposed to a plutonium bomb, he gets to star in his own ultra-goofy, Italian-produced superhero action/comedy called Super Fuzz, along with Oscar-winner Ernest Borgnine! If you love superhero flicks like Iron Man, you’ll love … well, OK, there’s no telling what you’ll make of Super Fuzz, but does Iron Man get his own disco theme song? Rookie Police Officer Dave Speed (Terence Hill, star of the 1968 spaghetti western, Django: Prepare a Coffin) has been sent by his partner, Sergeant Willie Dunlop (Borgnine), to issue a parking ticket. Unbeknownst to the two officers, the area has been evacuated because NASA is conducting a “top secret” experiment involving the detonation of a red plutonium rocket. Officer Speed is caught in the explosion and presumed dead. But as luck would have it, Speed is alive and he now has superpowers such as telekinesis, super-speed, super-strength, and the ability to see the future, walk on water and catch bullets with his teeth. That is until he sees the color red, which temporarily robs him of his powers. The entire city of Miami is soon in love with Super Fuzz, everyone that is except for Sergeant Willie, who can’t wait for Dave and his annoying super powers to take a permanent vacation from police work. But when big trouble rears its head, only Super Fuzz can save the day! Originally titled Super Snooper, this low, low, low-budget superhero flick, which ran almost non-stop on HBO in the mid-‘80s, features one of the most insanely catchy theme songs in B-movie history (“He’s a super snooper, really super trooper, a wonder cop like you never saw …”), dumb comedy, loads of action, and Ernest Borgnine floating over the city on a giant pink chewing gum bubble. What’s not to like? (Dir. by Sergio Corbucci, 1980, USA/Italy, 97 mins., Rated PG)