Supercop (Police Story 3)

wednesday, JUNE 15 at 7:30pm | regular admission prices

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Combining jaw-dropping marital arts mayhem with wild slapstick comedy, Supercop, the third installment of the popular Hong Kong Police Story franchise, pairs supercop “Kevin” Chan Ka-Kui (Jackie Chan) with tough Interpol inspector Jessica Yang (Michelle Yeoh) as they work to take down a ruthless drug lord, Khun Chiabat (Kenneth Tsang), a set-up that finds Chan breaking a henchman out of prison, posing with an invented family, and finally dangling from a moving helicopter.

“The most powerful starring role for a woman this summer? My vote goes to Michelle Yeoh in this garish, frenetic, and funny Jackie Chan chopper from Rumble in the Bronx director Stanley Tong.” – Lisa Schwartzman, Entertainment Weekly

With Yeoh matching Chan kick-for-kick in the crunching marital arts department, the action careens from Hong Kong to Thailand to Malaysia, culminating in a crazed climax spanning rooftop, sky and train.  Quentin Tarantino has called the action set pieces here the “greatest stunts ever filmed in any movie ever,” and by the time the end credits – featuring outtakes from these sequences – roll, you’ll be amazed the performers actually survived them. Released in the U.S. in a dubbed, recut version titled simply Supercop, this is the original, uncut version in Cantonese with English subtitles. (Dir. by Stanley Tong, 1992, Hong Kong, in Cantonese/English/Mandarin/Malay/Thai with English subtitles, 91 mins., Rated R)