Surf II


“An entertainingly brain dead spoof of beach party movies, horny teenager comedies and cheesy sci-fi/horror flicks… makes the Porky’s sequels look positively Shakespearean by comparison.” – Movie Guy 24/7

“The movie that gives insanity a bad name!” In this audaciously stupid ‘80s comedy sequel to a film that never was (yes, there was no Surf I, go figure!), a crazed nerd seeks revenge on a group of popular surfer dudes by turning them into garbage-eating punk rock zombies, while everyone else gets topless and dances on the beach.  Quite possibly one of the dumbest comedies to escape from the decade known for dumb comedies, Surf II is also completely bizarre and fascinating in a cinematic train wreck (or, in this case, “tragic surfing accident”) sort of way.  The plot, such as it is, concerns a gang of obnoxious, beach-loving teens (led by a surely-stoned Eric Stoltz, who seems legitimately confused by the film he’s appearing in) who just want to hang out, catch some tasty waves, and maybe see a bare breast now and then.   But trouble is afoot when a vengeful spaz who lives in an underwater castle (played by one of the greatest Hollywood nerds of all-time, Grease‘s Eddie Deezen, in one of his only leading roles) decides to exact his nerd-tastic revenge on the beach boys by turning them into gnarly zombies with a mysterious, and highly radioactive, new drink he’s concocted called Buzz Cola.  Cue the onslaught of sloppy comedy, clueless parents and bouncing bikini babes, fueled by a surprisingly awesome ‘80s soundtrack featuring Oingo Boingo, Circle Jerks and Stray Cats, among many others.   With a bona-fide insane supporting cast including Cleavon Little (Blazing Saddles), Lyle Waggoner (The Carol Burnett Show), Ruth Buzzi (Laugh-In) and Terry Kiser (Bernie from Weekend at Bernies), Surf II  may kill more than a few brain cells, but it’s like, totally tubular man!  (Dir. by Randall M. Badat, 1984, USA, 91 mins., Rated R)