Tales of an Immoral Couple


In this deliriously fun, Almodóvar-ian screwball comedy from Mexico, a pair of high school sweethearts unexpectedly meet again 25 years later, and a crazed comedy of errors erupts, threatening to engulf everyone around them!

“Marvelous! A highly entertaining comedy with great style.” – Konexion

Lucio and Martina first meet as teenagers at a strict Catholic high school. Their chemistry is unquestionable. Together, they decide to set the world on fire, without suspecting that fate and the moral values of Mexican society will end up breaking them apart. 25 years later, they meet up again by accident in the town of San Miguel De Allende and decide to invent their own ideal lives in order to pretend to one another that they haven’t both been waiting a lifetime for this moment: the moment they could be together again. Of course, nothing goes quite according to plan, and the devious pair accidentally ignites a hilarious chain of mistakes, misunderstandings and romantic entanglements that just might somehow lead them back to the love they shared all those years ago! The latest film from acclaimed Mexican director Manolo Caro (I Don’t Know Whether to Cut My Veins or Leave Them Long, Love of All My Loves), Tales of an Immoral Couple charmed audiences in its native Mexico, becoming one of the country’s top-grossing films of 2016. (Dir. Manolo Caro, 2016, Mexico, in English and Spanish with English subtitles, 91 mins., Not Rated)