Teenagers from Outer Space


Earthlings beware! It’s EVIL EXTRATERRESTRIALS MONTH at Mondo Mondays, featuring hordes of angry aliens out to enslave us all with their terrible movies!

“Thrill-crazed space kids blasting the flesh off humans!” An overly-sensitive teen from another world visits our planet and falls heads over space heels for a totally boss Earth girl, and the two of them join forces to stop the boy’s evil alien comrades from using Earthlings as food for their giant pet lobsters from outer space.

“A very bad movie with a lot of ridiculous charm … as terrible as this is, you really can’t help but love it.” – Forgotten Films

A no-budget, bona-fide 1950s bad movie classic in the vein of Plan 9 From Outer Space and Robot Monster, Teenagers from Outer Space bravely attempts to meld the romantic adventures of a whiny, extraterrestrial James Dean-esque teen heartthrob named Derek (played by David Love, bringing awkward new dimensions to the world of wooden acting ), with a not-so-thrilling tale of alien invasion and Cold War paranoia (not to mention a fear of juvenile delinquents), cool space gadgets (including flesh-stripping ray guns that immediately turn people into crumbling plastic skeletons), awful flying saucer effects, and best/worst of all, a giant screeching lobster monster named “The Gargon” that must be seen to be believed. An unintentionally hilarious, accidental trash classic from 28-year-old, one-hit-wonder director David Graeff, Teenagers from Outer Space takes the pitfalls of puberty to ridiculous new heights! (Dir. by Tom Graeff, 1959, 86 mins., Not Rated)

Mondo Mondays RAFFLE 2018

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