Tel Aviv On Fire


Writer/director Sameh Zoabi’s award-winning satire follows Salam (Kais Nashif, Paradise Now), a winsome slacker, as he fails upwards at his job on a sudsy Palestinian TV soap opera, “Tel Aviv on Fire,” popular with both Israelis and Palestinians.

“A zippy comedy, wonderfully cast … Tel Aviv on Fire is an entertaining satire on the state of Israel-Palestinian relations.” – Lisa Nesselson, Screen International

Salam’s daily commute from the Ramallah set through the Israeli checkpoint leads to regular encounters with the IDF officer in charge (Yaniv Biton, Mossad 101). When the officer demands Salam change the show’s story line to make his wife happy, Salam hilariously struggles with concocting plot twists to suit viewers on both sides. Also starring Lubna Azabal (Little Drummer GirlThe Honourable Woman). (Dir. by Sameh Zoabi, 2018, Israel/Luxembourg/Belgium/France, in Arabic/Hebrew with English subtitles, 100 mins., Not Rated)