Terror Train


“All Aboard… If You Dare!”

A freshman fraternity prank at a New Year’s Eve party goes horribly wrong, and the intended victim is left a screaming, flailing mess. Flash forward to three years later, and the whole gang is boarding a train (soon to be a … Terror Train!) to celebrate their graduation via a New Year’s Eve costume party. Everything goes great until party guests involved with that fateful frat prank start getting bumped off one by one. There’s a killer onboard, and he’s going to make sure that this is one party nobody survives. Could it be the former frat pledge who’s decided to swing the axe rather than grind it? How about that cocky creepy magician (played by cocky creepy magician David Copperfield, who even gets to perform a trick or two) whom nobody seems to have hired? Worse still, the killer is stealing the costumes of his victims, so nobody’s ever sure who’s under the mask. Can plucky ‘80s Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis and the kindly conductor (played by Hollywood legend and Oscar-winner Ben Johnson) stop the madness before the Terror Train reaches its final destination? (Dir. by Roger Spottiswoode, 1980, 97 min., Rated R) Digital