Thank God It’s Friday


Once the world had recovered from its collective fever on Saturday night, it was time to boogie down on that other weekend night – Friday! In the Altman-esque disco comedy Thank God it’s Friday, a gaggle of polyester-wrapped nuts (including Jeff Goldblum, Debra Winger and Berlin lead singer Terri Nunn) converge on L.A.’s Zoo Disco looking to win the big dance contest and maybe even score a one-night stand! Also starring the incredibly funky Commodores and Disco Queen Donna Summer, performing her Oscar-winning hit, “Last Dance.”
Made to cash in on the mega-success of Saturday Night Fever, Thank God it’s Friday took a slightly different approach to disco mania, and rather than focusing on the gritty disco reality of Fever, it opted instead to revel in the ultra-cheesy excess of ‘70s weekend nightlife. Gathering a huge cast of zany comedy characters (The Disco Pimp! The Uptight Married Couple! The Drug-Crazed Dance Freak! The Sensible Virgin! The Horny Geek!) and then throwing them into a goofy, glitter-encrusted plot spanning one action-packed night at LA’s famed Zoo Disco, Thank God it’s Friday plays a bit like American Graffiti crossed withAnimal House, Robert Altman’s Nashville, and an all-star Irwin Allen ‘70s disaster flick (ala The Towering Inferno), all set to a thumping disco soundtrack courtesy of K-Tel Records! Who will find love? Who will just take home a sexually-transmitted disease? Will Donna Summer have the chance to sing her new hit single for a room full of coked-up dancing machines? And most importantly, who will win the big disco dance contest before their spandex pants explode? Pure goofy fun filled with great tunes, crazy dance routines (love that guy in the tan leather jumpsuit and matching pimp hat dancing across the car hoods in the parking lot! ), and a gaggle of soon-to-be-famous stars (this was Debra Winger’s first film), Thank God it’s Friday is a tasty disco treat any night of the week! (Robert Klane, 1978, USA, 89 mins., Rated PG) 35mm