The Art of the Steal


In this twisted take on the heist comedy/thriller that delivers plot twists and punchlines in equal measure, two estranged brothers (played by Kurt Russell and Matt Dillon) are caught up in a cross-border criminal caper that will seriously test the limits of brotherly love … if it doesn’t kill them first! In a performance that recalls his iconic turns in Escape from New York and Death Proof, Russell plays Crunch Calhoun, a third rate motorcycle daredevil vaunted less for his death-defying leaps than his calamitous crash landings. Crunch also fancies himself something of a master thief, but winds up in prison when he’s double-crossed by Nicky (Dillon), his brother and partner in crime. Released after serving his sentence, the cash-strapped former stuntman is inevitably tempted to complete one last score – this time involving the theft of a priceless historical book – and reluctantly reunites with his scheming sibling. With a painstaking plan in place and the old crew reassembled, the million-dollar question becomes: can the Calhoun brothers pull off the job before their tenuous truce unravels? Naturally, the plan goes horribly awry when each brother’s separate agenda rears its ugly head in this tricky con comedy about honor, revenge and the bonds of brotherhood that will keep audiences guessing, and laughing, until its invigorating final frames. Also starring Jay Baruchel and Terence Stamp. (Dir. by Jonathan Sobol, 2014, Canada, 90 mins., Rated R, RADiUS-Weinstein) Digital