The Big Doll House

The Big Doll House


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Mondo Mondays celebrates the late, great King of the B’s, ROGER CORMAN, with a month-long movie menu featuring some of the legendary director/producer’s tastiest trash epics!  Thank you, Mr. Corman, for making the world so much more Mondo. 

“The only way to learn how to make a low-budget film is to make a low-budget film.” – Roger Corman

“Their bodies were caged, but not their desires!” One of producer Roger Corman’s first films for New World Pictures, the exploitation classic The Big Doll House not only set the standard for the wildly-popular Women in Prison schlock genre of the ‘70s, it also introduced the world to the incredible Pam Grier! Directed by B-movie maverick Jack Hill (Spider Baby), The Big Doll House lays bare the crazed, campy tale of six female inmates sentenced to hard time in a tropical prison somewhere in the Philippines. When “fresh meat” Collier (Judy Brown) is admitted to the hard labor prison farm for a 99 -year sentence, after having been found guilty of killing her husband, she immediately butts heads with her new cellblock bunkmates, who are kept in line by the rough-and-tough queen of the block, Grear (Pam Grier – who also sings the movie’s theme song – in her first major film role). When not doing sweaty manual labor in the sugar cane fields or tussling with Sid Haig as a sleazy salesman who peddles contraband and booze to the prison, the women must also endure the ultra-sadistic female guard Lucian (Kathryn Loder), who enjoys forcing the inmates to pay her late night visits in her snake-filled torture dungeon in the prison basement. Finally, the women have had enough, and plan their explosive escape from The Big Doll House! Driven by lightning fast pacing, cartoonish action, abundant nudity and tongue-in-cheek humor, The Big Doll House features all the Corman-mandated elements for a successful ‘70s Women in Prison flick – strong women, dastardly villains, catfights, showering, mud wrestling, blazing shootouts and relentless ‘70s anarchy! (Dir. by Jack Hill, 1971, Philippines/USA, 95 mins., Rated R)

1 HR 35 MIN | R

Released 1971
The Big Doll House Trailer Trailer
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