The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep

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Raymond Chandler’s hard-boiled and boozing L.A. gumshoe Philip Marlow, played to ultra-cool perfection by Humphrey Bogart, takes on a blackmail case and follows a trail littered with murderers, pornographers, nightclub rogues … and Lauren Bacall, in this tough and twisty crime thriller par excellence. Many of the best film noirs were low-budget B-movies, but some noir favorites were prestige productions. The Big Sleep is big-budget noir with a big-time pedigree – a William Faulkner script, based on a Raymond Chandler novel, directed by Howard Hawks, with Bogart and Bacall in the leads. And, of course, a legendarily convoluted plot that even director, novelist and screenwriter professed themselves unable to untangle! Packed with quotable lines and colorful supporting players (including Dorothy Malone and Elisha Cook Jr.), it’s both a dark-hued detective story and a breezy (and hilarious) romantic comedy. Bogart is sardonic private dick Philip Marlow; Bacall is seductive socialite Vivian Sternwood, older sister of the mixed-up young woman Marlow is hired to protect. The attraction between Marlow and Vivian sizzles, the cynical, slangy dialogue astounds, and the down and dirty L.A. underworld provides the acidic juice that keeps it all flowing. (Dir. by Howard Hawks, 1946, USA, 114 mins., Not Rated)

1 HR 54 MIN | NR

Released 1946
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