The Bride of Frankenstein

The Bride of Frankenstein


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In The Bride of Frankenstein, one of the most popular horror films of all-time and an acclaimed sequel to the original 1931 Frankenstein, the legendary Boris Karloff reprises his role as the screen’s most misunderstood monster, who now longs for a mate. Colin Clive is also back as the overly ambitious Dr. Frankenstein, who is forced by the hysterically deranged Dr. Pretorius (Ernest Thesiger) to help him create a companion for the monster in the form of the ill-fated Bride of Frankenstein (Elsa Lanchester, who also plays Frankenstein author Mary Shelly), who, with her towering hair and bird-like movements, makes one of the most spectacularly unforgettable entrances in movie history. Directed by the original’s James Whale (his last horror film) with a brilliant mix of gothic horror, camp humor and social satire, The Bride of Frankenstein is an acidic and witty fable of artistic creation and twisted passion taken to baroque extremes. (Dir. by James Whale, 1935, USA, 75 mins., Not Rated)

1 HR 15 MIN | NR

Released 1935
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